Super absorbent suede 100% microfiber!

Super absorbent suede 100% microfiber! Kinda like the hand small hand rags for drying cars that absorb everything. If you are into inside or outside yoga, especially that hot yoga, we as people sweat with movement, even if it slow calming yogo movements. Well that sweat can cause to slip on our mats, which firstly is very embarrassing!! This embarrassment can be avoided with a a truely 100% microfiber towel that is designed with this issue in mind. As of thus far it works great, and I don't have complaints, my girlfriend and I both have one when we workout in general. Size is 72” x 26.5 and it is extremely light weight!

Djdunn1988's -

This sports towel, is not a gimmick, it’s a yogi’s dream.

Honestly, I thought this sports towel was going to be gimmicky, and another product I didn't really need, but wanted to try-out just the same. I was wrong! This sports towel, is not a gimmick, it's a yogi's dream. I own probably 4 yoga mats, and they're all made for different places/styles. I didn't really see the need for a sports towel, because I thought this would get in the way, and I'd lose my footing/balance. I also thought it would slip, and move as I change poses. Nope, I was wrong on all accounts. First, it's huge, and does not need straps/Velcro to hold it in place. The towel clings to my mat. When I stepped on it I was expecting that I would be sliding all over the place. I did put my Yoga socks on this morning to be able to test this out properly. I was so surprised when I started getting into my poses, and the towel don't move,... -- READ MORE

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Soft and durable

Growing up I did yoga without a mat or any of the other fancy stuff but I have to say I really love the Yoga towels. They are soft, give you more cushion when doing poses, and really soak up the sweat while you are moving around. Yoga and meditation go hand in hand when I do my poses. It is time for just me, unless one of my children join along, I never discourage them from joining in because I want them to find balance in their lives as well. Even though this has the word Yoga in it, don't be fooled this is great for almost any exercise where you will sweat and need a little extra traction. I love the soft feel. I even keep an extra in the car incase we are caught in the rain without our umbrellas.

Pamela Marks